O2 Academy Bristol
O2 Academy Bristol

Wednesday October 1st, O2 Academy Bristol.

Me and my friend Sara get ready to go see The Horror’s due to my friend finishing work and having to drive from Newport, South Wales, we missed the opening act.

We get there head to the bar and buy two ciders, just as the drinks are passed to my hands and almost got my change, The Horrors open with Chasing Shadows from their new album Luminous. It starts off gentle and then explodes into lots of noise, good song to open to. Me and my friend Sara manage to get a space to stand to the left of the stage.

Faris Badwan has a very strong stage presence without even having to try or talk. He is extremely tall and has a very deep mysterious presence about him.The gig was mainly very dark with a lot of light lasers, Faris’s silhouette was very strong through out.

My favourite song they played was Still life, it sent goosebumps from legs to my arms.

The Horrors - Luminous
The Horrors – Luminous

Their new album Luminous is the perfect album to have on when you want something playing in the background while you concentrate on something else.

I would recommend listening to the album, I wouldn’t recommend paying £20 to go see them live.

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